Trying to get ahead of the debt/credit game

My husband works two weekends a month mandatory and he usually does this right before rent week. Now we know we are behind in the savings game and trying to get were this doesnt happen but they shorted his check from all this ot and now we are over 200 short. Rent is due and our weekly car payment is due besides food and gas we need to purchase. I have just started paying our self just two wks ago so not only do I not have very much in savings or checking to cover it all I feel like we will never get there. I am trying to get 6 months of our expenses put into savings and save ahead to pay bills not only on time but every month ahead. They seem to do this every few months now matter what he does, not to just him too.

Anyways my question is we pay for a car loan weekly at a buy the note place since we have bad credit and it is a place to establish credit plus get the car we needed. But what would you do? Ask them to postpone payment for one week and pay a late fee like 15 dollars till next week and have them report us late or pay rent check late and pay them 60 dollars late fee (which I have done sometimes and they allowed me not to pay late fee) I hate asking both since I have had to do it in the past but which one is better to do in your opinion. I know save our money better which we are working on. I don’t have enough to pay both and have food and gas money this week. Any ideas?

Hi, call your landlord and explain the payroll situation and ask if you can have a one time exception.

I would also suggest that you contact your local credit unions to see if you qualify for membership. If you do, it is worth trying to refinance your car through a credit union. Usually they offer lower auto loan rates than banks and finance companies. I just called my car loan company and they are having a tax time special, I still owe 2205 for the next 10 months and they told me if I bring in 1,000 they will pay off the rest of my note. That’s a savings of 1205 and 10 months of weekly payments. I went down today to get my taxes done and will not only pay off the mistake from last years tax return and the early christmas loan from the anticipation loan from the tax office but also my car note. I am so excited. Now we will be only paying rent, utilities and just montly expenses. We will be able to start putting away 1,000 a month into savings with all that we have accomplished. How excited am I? LOL