My news!

Hello to everyone,

As you may know, if you’ve been a regular member and poster here. I may have mentioned months ago that my hubby and I were expecting our first baby! Well, the time has come and he could be born any day now! The expected due date is Jan. 27th. We did find out around the fifth month that it was indeed a boy. So we have everything ready for his entry into the world. His name will be Andrew.

In relation to being in debt, getting out of debt and staying debt free, bringing a baby into this world has been a whirlwind of extreme pleasure. The only stress about it was a few minor health complications along the way, but financial worries were never an issue, with all that we going to need for healthcare, necessary baby items and even the plan of having a new mouth to feed soon.

This message is mainly for people struggling to get out of debt, who are single or planning on getting married soon or already married without children yet. BEFORE you jump into an area of life that constitutes a major financial change – get out of debt first. You will be so much happier in the long run to wait.

I was always under the impression that if I wasn’t married by a certain age or had at least one child by another age (regardless of my financial problems) that my biological clock would blow up. I got lucky that my life turned the way it did and I met my husband – who
refused to marry me until I was out of debt. This was when I was thirty years old. Back then I thought he was being harsh and judgmental. Yes, he loved me even though I was in debt, but he was not willing to compromise his financial values and let my debt become a burden in his life. I had lessons to learn first about financial priorities and he was right.

Five years later, I was completely free of all my credit card debts and I had learned and grown so much. I had a completely different and new attitude about the cost of living. We got married. We live a life where our only debt is our mortgage. Our cars are all paid off and we live well below our means. We save money on everything. I’ve was even able to quit working, in October of 2005 and six month later, we got pregnant. We were trying for at least the first three years of our marriage. On our fifth year anniversary this year, our son will be 3 months old! I will be a forty-year-old first time mom.

I’m glad I didn’t listen to the old “biological clock” theory. Bringing and raising a child into this world is so much more pleasurable knowing that he will be provided for without the stress of major debt.

I may not have the time to post as often as usually have here for awhile – but I will definitely try while learning to be a new mom!