My congratulations to you

My congratulations to you ..what an accomplishment. Will you get that promised pay off in writing…and when will they pay off the rest….?

It is a wonderful feeling to be paying only the monthly forever bills and to be out of debt.It might be time to start looking into where you want to invest your money to get more out of it then just a savings account.Do you pay taxes if you do you might look into your husband’s job and see what he has available…401 k etc matching programs ect.if he doesn’t you might want to put your money into a ira of some sort and save for your retirement . Again that is wonderful! You Can get out of Debt ! We Did

These people are the car loan place was the best place for us at the time and we even had the engine go out a few months after buying it which they totally replaced besides the 100 deductible. We really lucked out going to them in the first place, besides being on time mostly with just a few lapses but we always picked up the following week and didnt get behind. We have tried so hard to come back from the bk last year and renting has been a good thing for the time being. No repairs or maintenance to worry about and our utilities are on an even keel every month. With us keeping our grocery bills low to and not going anywhere we save on gas also it has been a good 6 to 8 months. I have been on a constant regiment of drs since becomeing since last april with graves disease and with my husbands new job with good insurance we have been able to see the light at the light at the end of the tunnel.

I don’t want to rush out and buy a new home yet I want to set up a ira account or some retirement for my husband and I and maybe an extra life insurance policy but what are the better options? Does anyone have any advice along those lines. With me being a sahm if something should happen to me healthwise I want him to be protected with our two youngest children. I keep getting things in the mail about accidental life insurance but I heard it was better to just get a straight policy on life instead of accidental. What about aflac and their policies on hospitalizations and cancer policies. ARe those not any good to get? I know that the policies we had didnt help us when I was hospitalized the first time (we didnt just have hospitalization) Should we just put money back for such emergencies? We are in our early 40’s now and he hopes to retire in his late 60’s what have some of you done towards your retirement?