help again please

Hello. Its me againe i find myself still in debth up to my ears i work and get paid every week. My husband takes care of all the household bills and the other expenses i can’t even give him money towards bills and i can’t even pay my own personal ones. It seems like the first thing i do when i get paid is go and spend it foolishly and by the end of the week i am nickling and dimeing myself and i have not even put any money towards my debts thats why the bill collection are harassing me and my family.

I would like some suggestion as to starting a basic simple budget to get my self back on track and to be able to start saving some money every-week so i need to know what is the first thing i should do when i get my paycheck this week. I even tried using the money envelope system and that was to much may be i did it wrong and also i have small little bills that are behind please help me with any suggestions they will be very helpful.

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