Does anyone here use Quicken?

When I bought my laptop last year I made sure Microsoft Money was on it for budgeting. Well I wasn’t able to update it last week through my bank so I called them and they said they only support Quicken now. So I went out and bought Quicken. I was only able to play around with it yesterday so I’m not sure how I like it yet. How does anyone here feel about it? I really wanted to try Mvelopes but since my DH had never heard of them he felt we should go with what our bank recommends. Please tell me I made the right choice?

I have used it for years. I also have used Microsoft money, and I find Quicken much better.There are certain things I want to do that quicken allows me to customize and money does not. I also find it much easier to navigate. I can customize it to see only the things I use and have all of them just one click away. I am not a fan of how both Quicken and money do budgeting. I created my own excel spreadsheet that has my month by month budget all on one page.Both are good but I feel Quicken is much easier.

I have never use MVelopes so I cannot comment on it, but I have used Quicken for many years. I have put logon & PIN/Passwords for all of my accounts and when I click On-Line Update it goes out and updates my accounts from my primary bank, my 401k with Fidelity, my Money Market with USAA and American Express Credit Card. It does not update my wife’s checking, my secondary checking or any of my other CCs. That is because those banks do not grant Quicken that kind of access. So, when I want to update those, I open the account in Quicken and click the update link which takes me to the bank website and I have to do those manually.

I have somewhat complicated set-ups with Quicken and have a some trouble, but overall I still recommend it. My only real recommendation, is learn how to manually memorize transactions and turn off the automatic memorization.

I use QuickBooks for my checking account. This is from the same company. Quicken came first. QuickBook has capabilities to do accounting for a small business, but I only use it for my checkbook. I have heard so much good about Quicken for personal finance that I wish I had that instead.

I have chatted with someone recently who uses Quicken and he says it has a great section for debt reduction management and budgeting. If I were you I would go ahead and give Quicken a chance especially because of the situation with the bank.

Also, I see no reason why you couldn’t use Quicken AND Mvelopes if you have the time.